Net Worth Update - 4-17-2015


Estimated home value: +$418,993.00
401(k) account balance: +$33,981.94


Mortgage: $239,212.32
Student loan: $59,684.71
Auto loan: $24,889.24
Credit card: $10,434.74

Total Net Worth: +$118,753.93


I have made some structural improvements since my last net worth update, including the following:
  • I have refinanced my auto loan for a lower interest rate, but a longer term, through my local credit union, Travis Credit Union.
  • Similarly, I have consolidated higher-interest credit card accounts on a single lower-interest credit card from Travis Credit Union.
  • I have set up my student loan on an auto-payment plan, which reduces my interest rate by a quarter-percent, from 4.37% to 4.12%.  (Hey, every little bit helps!)
  • As a result of these changes, I am in a better position to prioritize my emergency fund, a piece of my financial puzzle that I have been neglecting.

Net Worth Update - 3-17-2015 - St. Patty's Day Edition (The Luck of the Irish)

Here is my net worth update for 3/17/2015 (St. Patty's Day edition):


Estimated home value: $418,993.00
Retirement account: $32,566.13

Mortgage: $239,565.97

Student loan: $59,802.82
Auto loan: $25,163.24
Credit card debt: $10,829.66

Total Net Worth: $116,197.44

Thanks to the luck of the Irish, I'm finally in the green and on the upswing.

Empty Balconies in San Francisco

Outside my office window in San Francisco, I see a sad sight every day: brand new, shiny, expensive, modern apartment buildings, with a beautiful view of the San Francisco Bay and the Bay Bridge, but with completely empty balconies:

Mission Bay: Empty Balconies in San Francisco

It's ironic to me that people would be willing to work so hard, and to spend so much of their hard-earned money to be able to afford the astronomically high rent for one of these apartments, and then to spend absolutely no time simply stopping to enjoy the bay-view from their balconies from time to time.  Surely this is some sort of sad postmodern commentary on the contemporary Bay Area / San Francisco mindset.

Where are all the flower children frolicking on the manicured lawn at the base of this and other apartment buildings in the new San Francisco?  Where are all the artists?  Even the new tech boom in San Francisco seems strangely devoid of its counterculture beginnings.  And the blank stares I see on the faces of people I pass on the street in San Francisco betray a kind of soul sickness once foreign to this most beautiful of cities.  As Sting would say, we are "packed like lemmings into shiny metal boxes."

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