Net Worth Update - 4-17-2015


Estimated home value: +$418,993.00
401(k) account balance: +$33,981.94


Mortgage: $239,212.32
Student loan: $59,684.71
Auto loan: $24,889.24
Credit card: $10,434.74

Total Net Worth: +$118,753.93


I have made some structural improvements since my last net worth update, including the following:
  • I have refinanced my auto loan for a lower interest rate, but a longer term, through my local credit union, Travis Credit Union.
  • Similarly, I have consolidated higher-interest credit card accounts on a single lower-interest credit card from Travis Credit Union.
  • I have set up my student loan on an auto-payment plan, which reduces my interest rate by a quarter-percent, from 4.37% to 4.12%.  (Hey, every little bit helps!)
  • As a result of these changes, I am in a better position to prioritize my emergency fund, a piece of my financial puzzle that I have been neglecting.

Net Worth Update - 3-17-2015 - St. Patty's Day Edition (The Luck of the Irish)

Here is my net worth update for 3/17/2015 (St. Patty's Day edition):


Estimated home value: $418,993.00
Retirement account: $32,566.13

Mortgage: $239,565.97

Student loan: $59,802.82
Auto loan: $25,163.24
Credit card debt: $10,829.66

Total Net Worth: $116,197.44

Thanks to the luck of the Irish, I'm finally in the green and on the upswing.

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