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I have been trying to supplement my income with several sources of alternative income. Anything that produced income outside of a traditional job is what I would consider to be alternative income. While I have done any number of odd activities in the past (e.g. dumpster diving) to eek out a living, I am on a constant quest to produce a steady stream of alternative income via the internet. Below is a list of my current activities and projects that I am using to supplement my traditional income:

1) Selling off my unneeded books on While I am by no means recapturing the original purchase price for these many books, I am clearing off some much needed shelf space and padding my emergency/summer fund in the process. If you yourself have any media items such as books, DVDs or music that you would like to sell, follow this link to sell your stuff on

Join Associated Content2) Writing articles for Associated Content. Associated Content will pay you anywhere from $3.00 to $20.00 for keyword heavy exclusive content. They will pay for anything from restaurant reviews and how-to articles to product comparisons and news reports. I have only completed two articles for Associated Content so far, but I was paid a total of $11.92 for them. Each article took approximately 20 minutes, which works out to $17.88/hour. Not bad at all, I'd say for something that takes approximately no intellectual effort. If you'd like to see some sample articles of mine and even give it a try yourself, click here or on the Associated Content button in this post to get started. I'm going to be pursuing this much further in the very near future (not at the expense of my readers here, though; not to worry!).

Click here for your favorite eBay items3) Affiliate income from my other website I have always been a child of the 80s, and for the past couple of years I have been using Ebay's affiliate marketing program to make some cash by directing shoppers of vintage toys via my website to Ebay. I have not been actively maintaining the site, but it does produce a steady albeit small stream of supplementary cash. The nice thing is that the site is automatically updated with current products listed on Ebay, so it takes exactly zero work to maintain the site. It just churns away and I collect the money each month.

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